Wednesday, April 17, 2013


सुबह की कड़कती धुप में 
हर रफ़्तार हर रूप में 
चेहरा कुछ कहता हुआ दीखता है।

कोई नार्थ जाता है तो कोई साउथ 
कुछ चपर -चपर करतें हैं 
तो कुछ बैठे हैं विथ अ शट माउथ 
पर हर चेहरा कुछ कहता हुआ दीखता है 

कान बंद हैं हेलमेट से, स्कार्फ से, या फिर इअर प्लग से 
पर कार के, स्कूटर के और बस के हॉर्न से खूब बातें करते हैं 
मुझे पहले जाना है. थोडा साइड दो, अबे खिसक ऐसा बोलते है 

इस  भीड़ में और फुल स्पीड में 
हर चेहरा कुछ कहता हुआ दीखता है 

Saturday, October 30, 2010

ऐसा मैंने साईनाथ से जाना है.

जिज्ञासा जीवन की पूँजी है
अज्ञानता से ज्ञान तक की टोर्च है.
चीज़ें उतनी उलझी हुई नहीं, जितनी लगती हैं
और उतनी असंभव भी नहीं होती हैं.
कमी होती है तो चेतना में, या फिर कर गुज़रने के समर्पण में.
कब तक कोई हमें बताये की क्या करना है,
न कर पाए, गलत हुआ ऐसा सोच कर क्यों डरना है.
ज़िन्दगी को जिज्ञासा का नाम दो,
आगे बड़ो , गिरो , फिर उठो , सीखो और कोशिश करो.
ऐसा साईनाथ ने सिर्फ कह के  नहीं बताया है
अपने कर्म से हमें कर के सिखाया है.
मायूसी छोटी हो या बड़ी हो
तुम प्रेरणा लो और एक सवाल करो 
कि ऐसा क्यों है ...देखो चीज़ें बदलेंगी
थोड़ी ही सही,  छोटी ही सही,  कहीं शुरआत होगी
बंद लफ्ज़ों में ही सही तुम्हारी बात होगी.

याद रखो जिज्ञासा जीवन की पूँजी है.

Monday, August 2, 2010

A Thousand Splendid Suns - Living with an endless hope to come ALIVE

Book review- A thousand Splendid suns- by Khaled Hosseini
pages: 372.

One could not count the moons that shimmer on her roof,
Or the thousand splendid suns that hide behind her walls.

It’s a book about Living with the endless hope and desire to come ALIVE. It opens a different world to me as it talks about a society, a country and a religion which is completely unknown to me. It’s about realities the common people in Afghanistan, Pakistan and similar countries are living and dealing with every day since decades.
On face it is the journey of two little girls whose lives take a drastic turn with the events, where reality strikes them hard on their faces and how they deal with it. Deep inside it’s a wonderfully layered story of every individual of that country.
Khaled starts with the story of Mariam as a little girl who cherishes her dreams as small as to go and live in the city of Pakistan with her father, even after her mother’s sincere warning of how crude things are outside the small place in the hills where they lived. It moves on to the hard stricken realities of the world of adults, their hypocrisy which creates a dent in a child’s mind. The story moves from Pakistan to Afghanistan where Mariam is married to a man double her age. Khaled with his elaborate expressions describes Mariam’s feelings as she acquires womanhood. He interweaves it with the changing rules in the country. Mariam witnesses Laila’s birth and here Khaled tells us a parallel story of Laila - a bright, young child who is blessed to learn and go to school. Her beauty, cheerful, and go get it attitude is set for the future narration. He intertwins the stories of Laila and Mariam with an incidence that makes their stories one. Laila, whose birth Mariam had witnessed has no choice but marry Mariam’s husband.
Mariam and Laila are the faces of hundreds and thousands of women who individually face sever atrocities, bans in the Muslim ruling world. But their lives do not stand in isolation it is entwined with how families have seen the overthrowing of various rulers and how the situation has gone from bad to worse with no hopes for years. Mothers have lost their sons in the name of Jihad, daughters have been repeatedly raped by the so called soldiers, the belongings are looted and there is ban on music, women walking alone, and attending schools, almost everything which is important for an individual’s growth.
I as a part of a liberal country can not imagine a life full of do nots and have nots.But what Khaled beautifully brings out in the book is that life doesn’t stop you from learning , growing as an individual, dreaming, pushing yourself even in those extreme situations and come out ALIVE.
His writing has a simplistic yet elaborate way of story telling.He makes you taste every emotion of innocence,womanhood,love, hatred and bitterness.In all its a story of realities, hope, determination, conviction, courage which doesn’t make some heroic saga. But it touches you inside with splendid feelings and emotions about relationships, their complexities and simplifications.

I liked it!

Once upon a time in Mumbai- A good watch!

Saw ‘Once upon a time in Mumbai’ n Liked it! Good music, nice cinematography and some interesting acting by the child artist playing Sohib khan (Imran Hashmi in childhood) and Ajay Devgan. It’s a film which is not in a rush to tell a story. It relies a lot on expressions, good, impactful dialogues, some melodious music and a sound track that stays with you. The actors around Ajay have done a fantastic job in their roles, which brought a wholesome experience to the film. Millan Luthria and team have done a wonderful job, though a better ending was expected to negate the heroism image of smugglers and gangsters.
Unfortunately, I feel the two female producers didn’t and never will bring a strong portrayal of women. Where, in small places some great and strong emotional performances could have been added the woman is used for decoration, approval and crying. We demand a change Ekta.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

बेठे हुए कई ख्वाब बुने हमनें
एक अजीब से मुकाम पे पोहांचा पाया खुद को
पर जोर हवा जब उड्डा लेगई उन ख्वाबों को
तो सचाई में खुद को जला पाया हमनें.

कम से कम इतना करें

कर सकते हैं ज़िन्दगी में कुछ काम
तो कुछ ऐसा करें
की अपने सपने सजाते हुए एक ज़रुरत मंद का सपना सजाया जाए.
छु सकते हैं अगर आसमान
तो कुछ ऐसे छुएं
की ऊँचाइयों पे अपनों के दर्द को भूलाया ना जाए.
बन सकते हैं अगर बड़ा
तो इतना बड़ा बनें
की सब के सुख और दुःख का हिसाब रखा जाए.
और अगर ये सब न कर सकें
तो कम से कम इतना करें
की अपने आप और अपने कर्मों की जिमेदारी उठाई जाए .
कम से कम इतना करें
की आने वाली नस्लों के लिए एक अमन की दुनिया बसाई जाए.
इस जहाँ को आज की चका चोंध के लिए कुर्बान न किया जाये, कुर्बान न किया जाये, न किया जाए.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hear me LOUD.

Hi ! this poem is for my documentary.

Where the mind is without fear, and the head is held high.
where penis is called a PENIS and you know why.
Where I can say no and will get help when I shout or cry.
where my parents listen to me , understand me and do not lie.
where i grow confident and not shameful for what passed by.
where U hear me and hear me LOUD before my tears dry.

Thanks for reading.Support the cause prevent CHILD SEXUAL ABUSE.